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Test & Measurement

TTI has steadily grown to become the world’s leading passive and connector specialist in the electronic component industry. TTI maintains an extensive inventory and offers the best test and measurement choices in the industry, meeting almost any requirement of our customers. The company’s basic strategy is to focus on a specific range of products and strive to be the industry’s leading distributor. No other company offers the unique combination of benefits that TTI provides. We maintain an extensive inventory of panel meters, test equipment accessories, timers, counters and many other types of electrical test equipment from the industry's finest manufacturers.

The team of specialists at TTI has more experience in test and measurement products than any other distributor. All TTI employees participate in company-wide training programs, which have helped create the most product-knowledgeable team in the industry. Additionally, customers can rely upon the TTI sales team as a valuable resource of information and guidance. When you partner with TTI you gain access to unmatched product knowledge and inventory availability.

Featured Test & Measurement Products

AC & DC Voltmeters Digital Panel Meters | Murata-PS

Murata Power Solutions
Murata Power Solutions digital panel meters are the optimum solution for applications requiring a precise digital readout of ac or dc voltages. AC-input options include average or rms-responding inputs. "Self-powered", 2-wire models contain only two connections. ( more info )

Panel Meters – 2-Wire DC Monitor | Murata Power Solutions

Panel Meters – 2-Wire DC Monitor | Murata Power Solutions
Compact self-powered DC panel mount voltmeter suits battery monitoring ( more info )

Digital Panel Meters | Omron - Automation & Safety

Digital Panel Meters | Omron - Automation & Safety
Omron Automation and Safety digital panel meters for industrial applications. ( more info )

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Product Overview

Test and measurement products are available at TTI Inc. from industry leading manufacturers. TTI is an authorized distributor for many manufacturers including: 3M, Honeywell, Murata and Omron.

Test and Measurement Products

Digital Multimeters

Digital Multimeters A multimeter combines in one unit several measurement functions such as voltage, current and resistance. Digital multimeters (DMMs) are generally more accurate and easier to read than their analog counterparts. While analog multimeters indicate the value with a needle over a scale, a digital multimeter has an LED or LCD display. A digital multimeter can be a hand-held device for field work or a bench instrument which can measure to a very high degree of accuracy. DMMs offer a variety of measurements. Most include the basic measurements of current (DC and AC), voltage (DC and AC), and resistance. Additional measurements offered by most DMMs include capacitance, temperature, frequency, transistor test, and continuity.

Function Generators and Synthesizers

Function Generators and Synthesizers Function generators and synthesizers produce various electrical waveforms over a wide range of frequencies. They are used in development, testing, and repair of electronic devices. In a device under test, function generators and synthesizers provide stable and repeatable stimulus signals to analyze the response of circuits. An arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) is an advanced function generator that uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) to generate waveforms.


Oscilloscopes An oscilloscope measures and displays voltage signals, allowing observation of signal changes over time. Graphical representation of voltage (vertical Y axis) and time (horizontal X axis) enables analysis and debugging. An oscilloscope is an essential instrument for testing new circuitry, as well as diagnosing malfunctioning existing devices. An oscilloscope can be a bench top instrument or a handheld device; it can also be classified as analog or digital. Because of their advanced trigger, storage, display, and measurement features, digital oscilloscopes are normally preferred over analog. A digital oscilloscope uses an ADC (analog-to-digital converter) to convert the acquired signal voltage into digital sample points; the digital values are then turned back into an analog signal for display.

Test Equipment

Test Equipment Test equipment support and enhance the performance of test instruments. A wide range of test equipment accessories are available, including clips, connectors, leads, and probes, as well as instrument holsters and cases, fuses, and power cords and adapters.