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TTI has steadily grown to become the world’s leading passive and connector specialist in the electronic component industry. TTI maintains an extensive inventory and offers the best choice of electrical-to-optical or optical-to-electrical instruments in the industry, meeting almost any requirement of our customers. The company’s basic strategy is to focus on a specific range of products and strive to be the industry’s leading distributor. No other company offers the unique combination of benefits that TTI provides. We maintain an extensive inventory of optoelectronics including: fiber optic and LED components, lasers, displays and optical sensors from the industry's finest manufacturers.

The team of specialists at TTI has more experience in optoelectronic products than any other distributor. All TTI employees participate in company-wide training programs, which have helped create the most product-knowledgeable team in the industry. Additionally, customers can rely upon the TTI sales team as a valuable resource of information and guidance.

Featured Optoelectronics Products

Lighting Connectors | FCI

PGJ 19 - IP69k high pressure spray protected; PG 18.5 - Special waterproof version; PG 20 - IP69k high pressure spray protected; and H4 - Female 3 way 8mm 90° terminal with hinged back cover ( more info )

LIGHT-N-LOK Connectors | TE Connectivity

LIGHT-N-LOK Connectors | TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity’ LIGHT-N-LOK ballast disconnects are hot-pluggable interconnects for fluorescent ballast applications. ( more info )

SMD Light Touch Switches | Panasonic

SMD Light Touch Switches | Panasonic
Panasonic has introduced a new line of tactile switches, the EVQ-Q2 6mm SMT series. This new series is designed with flexibility in mind, offering a low-profile form factor of 6mm x 6.5mm x 1.8mm and a wide range of operating force and knob height options. Customers may select versions with a ground terminal to reduce ESD noise. ( more info )

SMT Poke-In Connectors Wire Lighting | TE Connectivity

SMT Poke-In Connectors Wire Lighting | TE Connectivity
The low profile SMT connectors are low profile, PCB mount connectors specifically designed for LED lighting applications. Available in 1 and 2 positions, accepting 18, 20 & 22 AWG solid, 18 & 20 pre-bond stranded wire or 18 AWG stranded wire. ( more info )

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Product Overview

Optoelectronics products are available at TTI Inc. from industry leading manufacturers. TTI is an authorized distributor for many manufacturers including: Honeywell, Kingbright, Omron, Toshiba and Vishay.

Optoelectronics Products


Displays LED displays presents a somewhat unique set of design constraints and challenges. Instrument clusters require a certain amount of illumination to be clearly readable, and, as ambient lighting conditions change, the brightness of the backlight must be adjusted to compensate. It is essential that the dimming range of an LED/LED driver system is sufficiently wide to accomplish this. In addition to being compact and cost-efficient, LED driver ICs must withstand the harsh thermal, chemical, and electrical conditions of an automotive environment. Reliable current regulation over a range of environmental circumstances is critical for maintaining uniform brightness across the panel and for protecting the long operating life of an LED backlight.

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics Fiber optics are flexible, transparent fibers that transmit light between it's two ends. They are used in communications, where transmission over long distances and higher bandwidths are possible. The extruded glass or plastic fibers are immune to electromagnetic interference and have less loss than metal wires.

High Power LEDs

High Power LEDs A High Power LED is an individual components that are greater than 0.20 watts, generally smaller in package size and find applications where traditional lighting sources will not fit.


LEDs A LED is a semiconductor device that emits infrared or visible light when charged with an electric current. LEDs emit light wavelengths both visible and invisible when electrically charged. The color emitted is derived from the chemical composition of the semiconductor material used in manufacturing. LEDs are differentiated by their color/wavelength measured in units of nanometers (nm) or their color corrected temperature (CCT) measured in units of Kelvin (K). In addition, LEDs may consume lower power, provide longer lifetime, be more robust, and are able to be switched On/Off at very high rates of speed.

LED Indication

LED Indication LED indication products and solutions facilitate machine to human communication. Indication refers to the use of a light source that is to be viewed directly as a self-luminous object, such as in signs, signals, and indicator lights on electronic equipment. LED Indication also includes everything from mounting hardware to LED Drivers and light pipes, as well as other useful replacement parts.

Optocoupler / Photocoupler

Optocoupler / Photocoupler An optocoupler is a component that uses a short optical transmission path to transfer a signal between elements of a circuit, typically a transmitter and a receiver, while keeping them electrically isolated. An electrical signal is changed to an optical signal and then back to an electrical signal therefore breaking the electrical path, ie. isolating the circuits. Optocouplers are also known as opto-isolators and photocouplers. Many systems require signals and data to be transferred from one subsystem to another within electronics equipment without a direct electrical connection. Safety agencies require the isolation. Isolation is necessary when the source and destination circuits are operating at very different voltage levels. For example: A microprocessor operating at 5V DC is being used to control a circuit that is switching at 240V DC. The link between these two circuits is isolated to protect the microprocessor from overvoltage damage.

Things to Consider

Optocouplers / Photocouplers
  • Required CTR
  • Isolation requirement & isolation working voltage
  • What is the main electrical function?
  • Bandwidth & switching speed
  • What color are you looking for?
  • How bright do you need the LED to be?
  • Which packaging suits your design needs? Through hole or surface mount?
  • Is an LED Driver needed?