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TTI has steadily grown to become the world’s leading passive and connector specialist in the electronic component industry. TTI maintains an extensive inventory and offers the best electromechanical choices in the industry, meeting almost any requirement of our customers. The company’s basic strategy is to focus on a specific range of products and strive to be the industry’s leading distributor. No other company offers the unique combination of benefits that TTI provides. We maintain an extensive inventory of electromechanical products including: transducers, switches, relays, I/O modules, industrial control equipment, knobs and dials from the industry's finest manufacturers.

The team of specialists at TTI has more experience in electromechanical product areas than any other distributor. All TTI employees participate in company-wide training programs, which have helped create the most product-knowledgeable team in the industry. Additionally, customers can rely upon the TTI sales team as a valuable resource of information and guidance.

Featured Electromechanical Products

Limitless Wireless Non-Contact Switches (WLS Series) | Honeywell

Limitless Wireless Non-Contact Switches (WLS Series) | Honeywell
Honeywell’s Limitless™ product line uses the latest commercial off-the-shelf wireless technology. The Limitless™ WLS Series is beneficial for remote monitoring applications where wiring or wire maintenance is not physically possible or economically feasible. ( more info )

V-Series Contura Rotary Switch | Carling Technologies

V-Series Contura Rotary Switch | Carling Technologies
Designed for maximum performance and reliability leveraging the features of the widely popular V-Series Contura Rocker Switches ( more info )

G9EN Series DC Power Relays | Omron

G9EN Series DC Power Relays | Omron
NEW G9EN relay is 50% smaller and lighter than previous comparable relays, thanks to newly developed proprietary sealing technologies and magnetic control methods. ( more info )

Compact, High Capacity Power Relay (HL Series) | Panasonic

Compact, High Capacity Power Relay (HL Series) | Panasonic
Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Relay Products, introduces the expansion of the HL Series Compact Power Relays! ( more info )

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Product Overview

Electromechanical components are available at TTI Inc. from industry leading manufacturers. TTI is an authorized distributor for many electromechanical component manufacturers including:
C&K Components, Carling Technologies, Honeywell, Omron,
Panasonic Electric Works and TE Connectivity.

Electromechanical Components


Encoders A encoder is an electromechanical device that converts information (position or motion) to digital code. They are ideal for use as digital panel controls or position sensing devices. There are different types of encoders, including: contacting, non-contacting, magnetic and optical.

Industrial Automation & Controls

Industrial Automation - Controllers A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an electronic device used in many industries to monitor and control building systems and production processes. A PLC is designed to perform a single set of tasks, under real-time constraints with superior reliability and performance. To meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, PLCs are designed to be extremely robust, often capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, and electrical noise. While most commonly used for industrial manufacturing processes, the unique strengths of PLCs can make them viable for many different applications, such as a building automation system.


Relays A relay is an electromechanical device that is actuated by an electrical current. The current flowing in one circuit cause the opening or closing of another circuit. Relays are like remote control switches and are used in many applications (telephone exchanges, digital computers, and automation systems) because of their relative simplicity, long life, and proven high reliability. Although relays are generally associated with electrical circuitry, there are many other types, such as pneumatic and hydraulic. Input may be electrical and output directly mechanical or vice versa.


Switches A switch is an electromechanical device that is used to activate or deactivate an electrical signal. It accomplishes this function by closing or opening a set of contacts. The contacts may operate individually or in coded combinations. Switches are used to turn equipment on or off, direct signals to specific functions, or to program computerized functions on many types of electronic or electrical equipment. Common switch types include: DIP, keylock, pushbutton, pushwheel, rocker, rotary, safety, slide, snap action, and toggle.