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TitleLast Update
3M Obsolescence 2 Row PCB Connector, 7800-0006 PR Series PCN-TS-2104REV105.14.2015
Bourns New Specifications 8100 Common Mode Choke Series PCNIC151705.21.2015
C&K Components
C&K Product Improvement Micro-D Connector PCN1503MDM05.21.2015
C&K Product Improvement MTB1 Connector PCN1504MTB105.21.2015
C&K Obsolescence PTS125 Straight With Cap in Tube and PTS125 Right Angle Versions PCN1317PTS12505.14.2015
Cornell Dubilier
Cornell Dubilier New Specifications AC Oil Capacitors MPF & SF PCN5615MPF-SF05.14.2015
FCI New Specifications OSFP Cage PCN1504005.21.2015
FCI Document Clarification ExaMEZZ and Combo Power PCB PCN1502805.14.2015
FCI New Specifications Conan PCN1504205.14.2015
Harwin Obsolescence M502-7850942 Various PCN05071505.14.2015
Honeywell Obsolescence Limit Switches with K Designation PCN051115K05.14.2015
Honeywell Obsolescence Certain Hazardous Location Limit Switches PCN05111505.14.2015
Kemet Product Improvement EIA Case Size 0805 Y5V 1.0 uF, Several Volts & Tolerances 100%Sn End Termination Commercial Grade Only PCN050615AGA05.14.2015
Kemet Product Improvement EIA Case Size 0805 X5R 1.0 uF, Several Volts K & M Tolerances 100%Sn End Termination Commercial Grade Only PCN050515AGA05.14.2015
Littelfuse Obsolescence AS-G 6.3x27mm Fuse (814.2601xxx1 Series) PCNA007505.21.2015
Littelfuse Obsolescence OHEV S-Pack PCNA008005.14.2015
Littelfuse Obsolescence of FK3 and TOE Copper Blade Fuses PCNA008105.14.2015
Molex PCN Summary May Week of 5-18-15 05.21.2015
Molex PCN Summary May Week of 5-11-1505.14.2015
Murata Obsolescence-DE-Series PCN0000051805.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence Select E3X-DA-S Fiber-optic Sensor Amplifiers PCNPH198E3XDAS05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence M7F Digital Displays PCNPM022M7F05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence V530-R Fixed Type 2D Code Readers and F150-2D and F160-S2-2D Peripherals PCNBC010V530R05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence Select XW2B Wiring Terminal Blocks PCNPC301XW2B05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence Time Set Ring Y92A-Y1 for H3B and H2C Timers PCNTI056Y92A-Y105.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence Select E3X-DA-N Fiber-Optic Sensor Amplifiers PCNPH197E3X-DA-N05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence Older Vision Sensors F150, F160, F210, F250, F270, Series, F500-UM3, and Battery 3Z49-BAT1 PCNVS-05005.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence Select NV3 Series HMI Terminals PCNNT-092NV3W05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence Select G3 Series V680 Handy Terminals and Accessories PCNRF-032V680-G305.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence XW2Z Cables for CQM1 Series PLC Units and Wiring Terminal Blocks PCNPC-300XW2Z-J05.14.2015
Omron New Specifications E39-RS Reflectors PCNPH-201E39-RS05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence PC-based FJ-35 Vision System PCNVS-056FJ-3505.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence 3Z4S-LT Series LED Light System for Vision PCNVS-0553Z4S-LT05.14.2015
Omron New Specifications Connector Versions of E2E DC 2-wire and 3-wire Proximity Sensors PCNPX-070E2E05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence 3Z4S-LE VS-1614H1 C-Mount Lens PCNVS-0523Z4S-LE05.14.2015
Omron New Specifications CE Marked Products PCNMCD-120CE05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence E4A and E4B Series Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors PCNUS-006E4AE4B05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence Strobe Controller 3Z4S-LT MLEK-C100E1TS2 PCNVS-0543Z4S-LT05.14.2015
Omron Obsolescence ZR Series Data Loggers PCNMS-021ZR05.14.2015
Panasonic Electronic Components
Panasonic Obsolescence EVQ-9P701K Light Touch Switch PCNPG26042305.14.2015
Panasonic Obsolescence Laser-cut Chip Inductor PCN051115ELJ05.14.2015
Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact Obsolescence Differential Current Monitoring Products PCN51515AR05.21.2015
Phoenix Contact Obsolescence Surge Protection PCN51515AR205.21.2015
Phoenix Contact Obsolescence BF7 PD-IFC-0SS6-15 PCNPDIFC0SS61505.14.2015
Phoenix Contact Obsolescence BF7 PD-IFC-IO27-15 PCNPDIFCIO271505.14.2015
Phoenix Contact Obsolescence BF7 PD-IFC-LXJ0-15 PCNPDIFCLXJO-1505.14.2015
Phoenix Contact Obsolescence Various Parts PCN05071505.14.2015
Phoenix Contact Obsolescence Various Parts PCN05081505.14.2015
Radiall Obsolescence UMP H2.6 Connectors PCN5715UMP05.21.2015
Samtec Obsolescence ZFN Series Flat Flexible Cable Socket PCN050715ZFN05.14.2015
TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity PCN Summary May Week of 5-18-1505.21.2015
TE Connectivity PCN Summary May Week of 5-11-1505.14.2015
Vishay New Specifications Leaded BC Components Disc Capacitor Series PCNCC002REV005.14.2015
Vishay New Specifications Opto Sensors & IRDC PCNOSI807REV005.14.2015
Vishay New Specifications Select Commercial Power MOSFETs PCNSIL015REV005.14.2015
Vishay New Specifications SMPCxxA Series Transzorb® TVS Devices PCNFFDD003201505.14.2015
Weidmuller New Specifications Omnimate TE Power PCB Terminal LU10.16 PCN05061505.14.2015
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