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TitleLast Update
3/M Obsolescence Wiremount Socket Backplane Connector .125” X .125”, 5620 and 5624 Series PCN92207.02.2015
3/M Manufacturing Location Change D-Sub Plug, 8215 & 8315 Series PCN8215-831506.25.2015
Bourns Obsolescence Model SM51272EL and SM51343EL Isolation Transformers PCNIC152407.02.2015
Bourns New Specifications Bourns® Model 3315 - 9 mm Square Sealed Rotary Encoder PCNSC151806.25.2015
Bourns Obsolescence Selected Bourns® Model 3862 1/2 “ Diameter Single-Turn Panel Controls PCNSC151906.25.2015
Delphi Connection Systems
Delphi Product Improvement 2 Way Connector PCNV06907.02.2015
Delphi Product Improvement Female Terminal 2,8 Sicma3 AU PCNCAGE1200293C07.02.2015
Delphi New Specifications 32-Way In-Line Connector PCN2015061606.25.2015
Delphi New Specifications 32-Way In-Line Connector PCN2015061806.25.2015
Delphi New Specifications Female Terminal 1,5 Sicma3+/ Range "0" PCNCAQE011565IND0206.25.2015
FCI Document Clarification M.2 Connectors PCN1504906.25.2015
FCI New Specifications ExaMax Combo RA PCN1505006.25.2015
FCI New Specifications RotaConnect™ Board to Board Connector With Pegs (2 & 4 pos) PCN1506106.25.2015
Kemet Manufacturing Location Change Electrolytic Capacitors PCN20150309PW06.25.2015
Littelfuse Manufacturing Location Change Multiple Parts For Block Holder Strip Fuse PCNC012907.02.2015
Littelfuse Obsolescence Torpedo (OTS) Packaging Types PCNA008607.02.2015
Molex PCN Summary June Week of 6-29-15 07.02.2015
Molex PCN Summary June Week of 6-22-15 06.25.2015
Murata Manufacture Location Change Chip Ferrite Beads BLM03 Series PCN0000036206.25.2015
Murata New Specifications Leaded MLCC - RHD series PCN0000063506.25.2015
Murata Obsolescence LXES15AAA1-Series PCN0000056706.25.2015
Omron New-Specifications Power Relay G2R-1(A)-T Series PCNG2R-1(A)-T07.02.2015
Omron New Specifications D2HW Subminiature Basic Switch series Harness Type PCNCSSTA150522D2HW06.25.2015
Omron New Specifications D2HW Subminiature Basic Switch series PCNCSSTA150519D2HW06.25.2015
Omron Obsolescence V500-R5 Laser Bar Code Readers PCNBC-013V500-R506.25.2015
Omron New Specifications D3VJ Pin Plunger Type Series PCN20150402D3JV06.25.2015
Omron New Specifications Micro Switch D3VJ series PCN20150401D3VJ06.25.2015
Omron New Specifications PCB Power Relays G2R-1(A)-T Series PCN2015096AE(ON)PCB06.25.2015
Omron New Specifications Micro Switch D3VJ series PCN20150401D3VJ06.25.2015
Omron Obsolescence V400-R1 Multi-code Reader PCNBC-012V400-R106.25.2015
Omron Obsolescence XS5 Waterproof Connectors PCNPH-203XS506.25.2015
Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact New Specifications Product Families MSTB(V) HK and MCVH-AAA150028 PCNMSTBHK07.02.2015
Phoenix Contact Obsolescence CK1, CK2, CK3, CK6, CMP, CMR PCNPDIFSSGL15CK-CM07.02.2015
Phoenix Contact New Specifications M12 Spring-Termination Actuator Tab PCNIFCLS2M1506.25.2015
Phoenix Contact New Specifications Plug Connector Front-MSTB-AAA150036 PCN061815PCC06.25.2015
TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity PCN Summary June Week of 6-29-1507.02.2015
TE Connectivity PCN Summary June Week of 6-22-15 06.25.2015
TT Electronics
TT Electronics New Specifications OPL561 and OPL811 PCN106606.25.2015
Vishay New Specifications Commercial Grade Solderable 45V/50V/60V/80V TMBS Products PCNDD022REV007.02.2015
Vishay Obsolescence of Commercial Power Mosfets PCNSIL0252REV007.02.2015
Vishay Obsolescence of SMF Serie "W" PCNDD020REV007.02.2015
Vishay Obsolescence Small Signal Band Switching and Capacitance/Tuning Diodes PCNDD019REV007.02.2015
Vishay Product Improvement IGBT Die Used In Modules PCNDD021REV007.02.2015
Vishay New Specifications Commercial Power Mosfet PCNSIL024REV006.25.2015
Vishay New Specifications For Varistors Series VDR & MLV PCNNLR002REV006.25.2015
Vishay Obsolescence Seies IMC0402 and IMC0603 PCNDI225REV006.25.2015
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