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Here are product notifications for the past seven days:

TitleLast Update
AVX Manufacturing Location Change All MLCC SMD Components with COO UK PCN13307.23.2015
Bourns New Specifications Trimpot Model 70ABJ-4-Male Modular Contact PCNT151407.23.2015
Bourns Obsolescence Model CM100505 and CM160808 Chip Inductor Series PCNIC152207.23.2015
Cornell Dubilier
Cornell Dublier Obsolescence Aluminum Electrolytic Snap-In Series, Type LPW PCN71415LPW07.23.2015
Delphi Connection Systems
Delphi New Specifications 5 Ways Female and Male Connector Gen 4 PCNCAQE150458207.23.2015
Delphi New Specifications CTS 1, 5 Unsealed PCN07081051507.23.2015
Delphi New Specifications Female Connector 2 ways Round PCNCAQE07151407.23.2015
Delphi New Specifications Female Terminal 1,5 Sicma3+ Range "0" PCNCAQE011565IND0207.23.2015
Delphi New Specifications Male Connector 2 ways Air Bag PCNCAQE07151707.23.2015
Delphi New Specifications RCS800 Header and Plug PCNGPC170507.23.2015
Eaton Manufacturing Location Change Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Speed Fuses PCN03071507.23.2015
FCI Document Clarification Millipacs Straight Header ( 8 Row) PCN1506207.23.2015
FCI Manufacturing Location Change DDR4 PF PCN1506907.23.2015
FCI New Specifications HPCE/ PEC PCN1506807.23.2015
FCI New Specifications Metral Connectors PCN1506707.23.2015
FCI New Specifications Mini SAS HD Connector PCN1505507.23.2015
FCI New Specifications SD CARD READER 10067847series PCN1507407.23.2015
FCI Obsolescence Leaded Version or Gold Plated Version of PwrBlade PCN15046R107.23.2015
Kemet New Specifications Axial Electrolytic Capacitors PCN2015070707.23.2015
Kemet Obsolescence C900 Series / CH (NPO) Dielectric PCN063015-CA07.23.2015
Kostal New Specifications Receptacle Housing 43W MLK1.2 SLK2.8 PCN07151507.23.2015
Littelfuse New Specifications Thin Film 437 (2A and above) and 501 Series PCN0617201507.23.2015
Littelfuse New Specifications-Through Hole Change of 2016L and 2920L PCN0707201507.23.2015
Molex PCN Summary July Week's of 7/13/15 & 7/20-15 07.23.2015
Ohmite New Specifications FCSL110 and FCSL150 series PCN062615FCSL07.23.2015
Omron New Specifications E2EQ Weld Spatter Resistant Proximity Sensors with Connectors PCNPX-07107.23.2015
Omron New Specifications FQ2 Firmware Upgrade PCNVS-05107.23.2015
Omron New Specifications General Purpose G2R-1(A)-T Miniature Power Relays PCNRL-14507.23.2015
Omron New Specifications General Purpose G2R-o (A)-S Miniature Power Relays PCNRL-14407.23.2015
Omron New Specifications General Purpose MY Relays PCNRL-14607.23.2015
Omron Obsolescence A22R Series Switches PCNSW-08407.23.2015
Omron Obsolescence FZ4-(H)75o Vision System Controllers PCN-VS-06507.23.2015
Omron Obsolescence FZ4-11 Vision System Controllers PCNVS-06307.23.2015
Omron Obsolescence FZ4-6oo Vision System Controllers PCNVS-06207.23.2015
Omron Obsolescence FZ4-L35 Vision Controllers PCNVS-06407.23.2015
Omron Obsolescence FZ-LT Series High Luminance Illumination for FZ Vision Systems PCNVS-05907.23.2015
Omron Obsolescence FZM1 Positioning Vision Sensor PCNVS-06007.23.2015
Omron Obsolescence FZ-SLC Wide View Intelligent Camera PCN-VS-05807.23.2015
Omron Obsolescence FZ-VS Vision Sensor Camera Cables PCNVS-05707.23.2015
Omron Obsolescence WL Series Limit Switches PCNLS-06907.23.2015
Omron Product Improvement WL-N Limit Switches PCN-LS-07507.23.2015
Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact New Specifications C1D2 Relays PCNIFLORE1507.23.2015
Phoenix Contact New Specifications PC Product Series with Flange PC 6 and PCV 6-AAA150028 PCNAAA150028PC-PCV07.23.2015
Phoenix Contact New Specifications Spring-Cage Plug Connector of the FKCN Series PCNAAA150053FKCN07.23.2015
Pulse New Specifications Ceramic Antenna PCN-06-00207.23.2015
TDK New Specifications B3236 Series of EPCOS Power Capacitors PCNB323607.23.2015
TDK New Specifications EF Series of EPCOS 2-Electrode Surge Arresters PCN71315EF07.23.2015
TDK New Specifications EPCOS NTC thermistor series K45 PCN072115K4507.23.2015
TDK Obsolescence EPCOS Pressure Sensors PCN0508201507.23.2015
TDK Obsolescence M5 Series of EPCOS 2-Electrode Surge Arresters PCN71315M507.23.2015
TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity PCN Summary July Week's of 7/13/15 & 7/20-15 07.23.2015
Vishay New Specifications BCC Aluminum Capacitors PCNAC504REV007.23.2015
Vishay New Specifications HVArc Guard Low Cap Range X7R Size 0805 PCNMLC001REV007.23.2015
Vishay New Specifications Sfernice Precision Potentiometers PCNSF156REV007.23.2015
Vishay New Specifications SMA Schottky B120~B160 (-E3) Series PCNDD023REV007.23.2015
Vishay New Specifications SMD Products PCNAC503REV007.23.2015
Vishay New Specifications Ultrafast Rectifier UF5405 ~ 5408 for Commercial Grade PCNDD024REV007.23.2015
Vishay Obsolescence 123 SAL-A and 128 SAL-RPM Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors PCNAC001REV007.23.2015
Vishay Obsolescence Custom Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors PCNAC004REV007.23.2015
Vishay Obsolescence Series 769D PCNTC004REV007.23.2015
Yageo Obsolescence PF2512 6mΩ/ 7mΩ/ 8mΩ with suffix L PCN01761506040307.23.2015
Yageo Obsolescence PE2512 6mΩ- 7mΩ- 8mΩ with Suffix Z PCN01761506040207.23.2015
Yageo Obsolescence PF2512 6mΩ/ 7mΩ/ 8mΩ with suffix Z PCN01761506040107.23.2015
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