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Pb-free Chip Fuse | Panasonic

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Panasonic Pb-free Chip FusePanasonic’s 2 new ERB Series are designed to operate at rated voltages of 25VDC (ERB-SD) and 32VDC (ERB-SE). They are especially valued for their withstand in-rush current of 300% rated current, which improves circuit protection against short-circuits.

They have Pb-free terminations made of Ni (under layer) and Sn (top layer) , which provide excellent solderability. These fuses have a one-time (not resettable) life and are ideally suited for circuit safety and protection against short-circuits.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Small case sizes: 0402 and 0603
  • Excellent in-rush current performance
  • Operating Temperature: -40 deg C ~ 100 deg C
  • Rated voltage (DC): ERB-SD, 24V; ERB-SE, 32V
  • Stable fusing characteristics
  • Good for wave and reflow soldering
  • Tape and reel packaging – 5,000/reel


  • Microwave circuits contained within wireless applications
  • Bluetooth, Wireless-LAN, and Modem products
  • Portable devices such as Cellular phones
  • Hand held devices, audio-visual equipment, HDD, ODD, game consoles, LCD backlighting
  • Systems requiring fail safe designs such as circuit protection and circuit redundancies

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