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Gold Capacitors | Panasonic

Capacitors | PanasonicElectric Double Layer Capacitors (Gold Capacitors) were first developed by the Central Research Labrorator of Panasonic in 1972, then marketed and sold on a worldwide basis in 1978. Because these capacitors function like a battery, they are ideally suited for applications requiring a secondary power source such as back-up energy for microprocessors (such as real time clocks) and energy storage for chargers or solar batteries.

Features & Benefits:

  • Functions similar to a battery; ideal replacement solution of secondary battery
  • Quick charge and discharge available
  • No charge and discharge cycle limitation
  • Green product (RoHS compliant, no hazardous substances used)
  • No charging circuit needed
  • Maintenance free


  • Secondary Power Source (e.g. Back-up Energy for Microprocessors)
  • Energy Storage (for Chargers and Solar Batteries)

Additional Information: