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Carboncap High-Power Axial-Terminal Ultracapacitors (CDLC Type) | Cornell Dubilier

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Carboncap High-Power Axial-Terminal Ultracapacitors | CDEThese leading edge, low RC time constant, organic electrolyte, large cell ultracapacitors easily handle more than a million duty cycles and assemble readily into modules with screw terminals. They are especially suited for back-up and pulse power applications such as grid stabilization and wind turbine pitch control. They also excel in transportation applications like automotive subsystems, rail system power and utility vehicles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Maximum Power Performance. Up to 3000 Farads
  • Very Low ESR Characteristics
  • Available with Threaded Terminations


  • Back-up and pulse power applications
    • Grid stabilization
    • Wind turbine pitch control
  • Transportation applications
    • Automotive subsystems
    • Rail system power
    • Utility vehicles

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